Author Kelly J. Bryant

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Cleansing The Bride Of Christ

How can we experience the glory of the Lord? Who is the Bride of Christ?


Get answers to these questions as the author explores how the Bride of Christ is no ordinary pew-sitting Christian. The church has fallen and it is time to arise, get cleansed, sanctified, and restored so the King of glory can come in.

This book will show you clearly what must be done to restore the Tabernacle of David. If we do what David did, we will consecrate ourselves to experience God's glory, worship the King like kings, be transformed into His likeness, changing the world around us. Every church leader, as well as the entire Body of Christ, will be impacted by this message. Get your copy today!

#1 Best Seller Top 100 Free
on Amazon Kindle 


      In this book, you will discover steps to freedom which includes the following; be still and know He is God, get ready for revelation and repentance, understand the blessings of obedience and penalties of disobedience, prioritize Jesus in your life, learn to journal and walk out your new lifestyle.

     Each step contains prayers and declarations that will bring a breakthrough. These steps of freedom will enable the Holy-Spirit filled believer to destroy the enemy in their lives. 

     As you complete the steps of freedom this will become your story of deliverance. Invest in yourself and begin walking in victory today!
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